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Istagram Pro Widget for Magento 2

Magento 2 Instagram Pro Widget enhances your store pages with a fully customizable Instagram widget.

Compatibility: Magento Open Source 2.1.X - 2.3.X, Magento Commerce 2.1.X - 2.3.X


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Installing Instagram Pro Widget

1.Install the library using the following console command: composer require raiym/instagram-php-scraper.

2. Unpack the zip file provided in the root folder of your Magento 2 installation.

3. From the command prompt, run the following:

bin/magento module:enable Neklo_Core
bin/magento module:enable Neklo_Instagrampro
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Introducing Instagram Pro Widget

The Magento 2 Instagram Pro Widget is an advanced and extremely popular extension that ensures a smooth and authorization-free integration with Instagram. The extension adds an Instagram feed to an online store with the latest Instagram posts.

Extension Logic

The widget works in two modes: a grid and a slider. Flexible settings provide a number of options to choose from to make your store look even better with the Instagram Pro widget.

The extension gives you an opportunity to show any Instagram photos in your store, no matter whether they are yours or come from an account of a third party. Display photos by a hashtag, user ID, product hashtag, or a category hashtag. With Instagram Pro Widget, the integration with Instagram is now fast and easy.

Backend Configuration

Extension Settings

To get started with Instagram Pro Widget, log in to your Magento Admin Panel and go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > NEKLO > Instagram Pro Widget > General Settings.

Extension Settings

In the 'General Settings' section, first, enable the widget for your store.

In the 'Cache Lifetime' field, define how long you want your Instagram posts to be saved in your cache memory.

Setting up the Instagram Pro Widget

To set up the widget, go to Content > Elements > Widgets and click .

Adding Instagram Pro Widget

Select the Type = '[Neklo] Instagram PRO Widget' and the Design Theme you use.

Widget Storefront Properties

In the 'Storefront Properties' tab, set up the Widget Title, assign Store Views, and choose the display configuration you need in the 'Layout Update' block.

In the 'Widget Options' tab, choose the options that work best for you.

Basic Widget Options

In the 'Mode' box, choose how you want to get posts from Instagram:

  • By User Name;
  • By Hashtag;
  • By Product Hashtag;
  • By Category Hashtag.

Choose the Widget type (grid or slider). If you need to configure your widget in more detail, choose the 'Yes' option in the 'Show Details' box.

Extensive Widget Options

Once you have finished with the settings, click . Don't forget to flush the cache, and the changes will be instantly applied to your storefront.


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