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Magento 2 Birthday Coupon helps to reward customer loyalty with birthday coupons.

Compatibility: Magento Open Source 2.1.X - 2.3.X, Magento Commerce 2.1.X - 2.3.X


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Installing Special Occasion Coupon

To install the Special Occasion coupon extension for Magento 2 by NEKLO follow the steps below:


1. Unpack the zip file provided into the root folder of your Magento 2 installation.

2. From a command line run:

bin/magento module:enable Neklo_Core

bin/magento module:enable Neklo_BrithdayCoupon

bin/magento setup:upgrade

bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Introducing Birthday Coupon

To configure the extension go to Stores > Configuration > Neklo > Birthday Coupon.


Module Configuration

General Settings

  1. Enable the module.
  2. Indicate email subject.
  3. Identify the sender.
  4. Set the email template.



Birthday Coupon Rules

The settings of the Birthday coupon rules lie in Marketing > Promotions > Birthday Rules.

Discount amount

Before you start creating a new birthday rule make sure to configure a relevant discount in Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules.

Fill in the necessary Magento Cart Rule info.

Specify the data in the fields related to coupon generation.

Decide on the discount amount.


Coupon settings

Next, move to the Birthday Rules.

  1. Add a new rule.
  2. Apply the native Cart Price Rule you've created earlier.
  3. Choose the code format (numeric, alphabetical and alphanumeric options are available).
  4. Define the coupon length and the symbol arrangement within it.
  5. Set up the date a notification with a coupon will be sent.

Email template

The Neklo email template (set by default in the module) can be found along with the other created in Marketing > Email Templates.

The template can be customized according to the Magento settings.



Thank you for your installing and using the extension. If you have questions contact the team here:

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