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Extension page: http://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/magento-extensions/review-rotator.html

Review Rotator displays random set of product reviews from your store. A random review intrigues visitors and entices them to learn more about subject of the review. With Consider category option enabled Review Rotator would take reviews from the current category only, helping customer make a wiser choice or attracting their attention to alternatives.


1. Backup your web directory and store database.

You can make backup copies with any tool you find appropriate

If you are going to use the native Magento backup function, navigate to System -> Tools -> Backups and perform System and Database backups

 2. Log in to the Magento backend

 3. Disable compilation

Navigate to System -> Tools -> Compilation.

If Compiler status is Disabled, you can skip to the next step

If Compiler is enabled, disable it.

IMPORTANT: after the extension is installed, you can enable the compilation again; IT IS CRUCIAL that you use "Run Compilation Process" function, not just "Enable button"

Installing an extension with the Compilation enabled will result in store downtime.

 4. Flush store cache

You can flush the store cache in 2 ways:

  • via the backend:

Navigate to System -> Cache Management menu, and click Flush Magento Cache button

  • via filesystem:

On your server, navigate to Magento root folder, then proceed to /var/cache/; delete all the content there.

 5. Download the extension package from your account and extract the downloaded archive

 6. Copy the content of /Step_1/ folder to your store's root directory

In case you are using a custom theme, it is recommended to copy the design files to your current theme's folders. In case there are several themes in use at the same store, the design files must be copied to each of them.

  • Find this folder in the package: /step_1/app/design/frontend/base/default/ ; copy its content to /app/design/frontend/[your_package]/[your_theme]/
  • Find this folder in the package: /step_1/skin/frontend/base/default/ ; copy its content to /skin/frontend/[your_package]/[your_theme]/

 7. Copy the content of /Step_2/ folder to your store's root directory

 8. Flush store cache again; log out from the backend and log in again.

Extension embedding

You have three ways of using this module. It's possible to use all methods at the same time.

Update Layout XML File

Insert the next line into necessary layout files where you want to display the reviews:

<block type="reviewrotator/review" name="reviewrotator" template="reviewrotator/review.phtml">
	<action method="setCount"><count>2</count></action>


You can use CMS to insert the reviews block. In this case use the next line:

{{block type="reviewrotator/review" template="reviewrotator/review.phtml"}}

Customize Layout XML File

Default layout filename is reviewrotator.xml and it located at app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/. You can customize it with such content. This is an example of using our module which inserts the reviews block into the left column of the default layout.

<layout version="0.1.0">
		<reference name="head">
			<action method="addCss"><stylesheet>css/reviewrotator.css</stylesheet></action>
		<reference name="left">
			<block type="reviewrotator/review" name="reviewrotator_reviews" template="reviewrotator/review.phtml" before="currency" >
				<action method="setReviews"><reviews>28,29,83</reviews></action>
				<action method="setProducts"><products>26</products></action>
				<action method="setCount"><count>2</count></action>

Additional Parameters


IDs of reviews which should be displayed in the block, separated by comma. This parameter has higher priority than products parameter, so if you specify them both the reviews parameter will have affect only.

Example (Layout XML):

<block type="reviewrotator/review" name="reviewrotator" template="reviewrotator/review.phtml">
	<action method="setReviews"><reviews>28,29,83</reviews></action>
	<action method="setCount"><count>2</count></action>

Example (CMS):

{{block type="reviewrotator/review" template="reviewrotator/review.phtml" reviews="17,113,108"}}


IDs of products which reviews should be displayed in the block, separated by comma. Example (Layout XML):

<block type="reviewrotator/review" name="reviewrotator" template="reviewrotator/review.phtml">
	<action method="setProducts"><products>26,83</products></action>

Example (CMS):

{{block type="reviewrotator/review" template="reviewrotator/review.phtml" products="17,113,108"}}


Limit of reviews which should be displayed in the block. It overwrites the admin option. Can be used together with parameters reviews and products.

<block type="reviewrotator/review" name="reviewrotator" template="reviewrotator/review.phtml">
	<action method="setCount"><count>2</count></action>

Example (CMS):

{{block type="reviewrotator/review" template="reviewrotator/review.phtml" count="2"}}


To configure the extension navigate to System > Configuration > aheadWorks Extensions > Review Rotator.

You can also customize reviews block view via css files. This module extends default Magento skin CSS with it's own. CSS filename is reviewrotator.css and it located at skin/frontend/default/default/css/ folder.


After the extension installation the store gives an error, or blank page, or suggests to start Magento installation procedure.

Change the owner of the extracted extension files to the web server user and set 775 permissions on them. Clear the store cache and try again.

There is no aheadWorks extensions under my configuration section, or having the extension tab clicked I get a blank page, or Access Denied error.

Clear the store cache, browser cookies, logout and login again.

I've set up everything correctly, inserted the HTML code but there is nothing on that page.

Clear the store cache, clear your browser cache and domain cookies and refresh the page.

My configuration changes do not appear on the store.

 Clear the store cache, clear your browser cache and domain cookies and refresh the page.

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