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Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email allows sending automated reminders to those purchasers who previously abandoned their shopping carts. In the extension’s settings, merchants can create custom rules with adjustable content, schedule, conditions, and other options according to which emails should be delivered. Created emails can be initially previewed and sent in the test mode. All emails are managed from a separate table. 

Compatibility: Magento Open Source 2.1.X - 2.3.0, Magento Commerce 2.1.X - 2.3.0

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Installing Abandoned Cart Email

Command Line Installation

1. Backup your web directory and store database

2. Download Abandoned Cart Email installation package

 3. Upload contents of the Abandoned Cart Email installation package to your store root directory

 4. In SSH console of your server navigate to your store root folder:

cd path_to_the_store_root_folder


php -f bin/magento module:enable Aheadworks_Acr


php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade


php -f bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

5. Flush store cache; log out from the backend and log in again

Make sure the installation is done from under the FTP administrator account. Otherwise make sure to set 775 permissions to the store root directory after the extension is deployed.

Composer Installation

1. Log in to your customer account at and navigate to Account -> Composer access;

2. Configure your store to work with the Aheadworks composer repository:

Add composer repository to composer.json by running:

composer config repositories.aheadworks composer in the Magento installation root.

Use a key pair provided as login and pass. You can optionally save them in the global composer auth file.

 3. You can start using AW composer now.

 For extension names, navigate to Account -> Composer access.

 4. Open the root Magento directory on your server and send Composer the following command:

composer require <component-name>:<version>

Note: Use the previously copied component name and version.

 5. Make sure that Composer finished the installation without errors. Flush store cache, log out and log into the backend again.


Set up cron


If you have already configured cron jobs for your Magento installation then you can skip this step. Read the following instructions on setting cron job for your Magento store: Magento user guide.

Generally it would be enough to run in SSH console of your server: 


crontab -e


And insert the following line:  


*/3 * * * * php -c <ini-file-path> <your Magento install dir>/bin/magento cron:run
*/3 * * * * php -c <ini-file-path> <your Magento install dir>/update/cron.php
*/3 * * * * php -c <ini-file-path> <your Magento install dir>/bin/magento setup:cron:run


Don't forget to confirm saving request when exit.



Introducing Abandoned Cart Email

Abandoned Cart Email is a smart email marketing tool that allows storeowners to remind customers to check back and checkout:

  • Product conditions;
  • Cart conditions;
  • Customer group conditions;
  • Store view conditions;
  • Mail log;
  • Built-in coupon code generator.

This is a straightforward extension that allows storeowners converting abandoned carts into orders. Abandoned Cart Email allows sending email reminders to customers who for some reason left their products in the cart, without checking out.

The email reminders can be sent per different store views targeting customers of different languages. With the help of email rule conditions, storeowners can further narrow down the reminder audience or create more targeted offers. For example, it is possible to send a special reminder to customers who left products in the cart totaling more than $100, or products from particular category. In addition a Shopping Cart Price rule can be linked to the email reminder, allowing for fully automatic coupon code generation. The wide range of targeting and promotional opportunities helps building solid marketing strategy.


Creating Abandoned Cart Reminders

The extension allows sending emails automatically to the customers who have left products in the shopping cart and left the store without checking out.

Once the shopping cart has been changed it is put in an abandoned cart queue. After an hour, if no other products have been removed/added to the cart it receives 'Abandoned' status, and Abandoned Cart Email rules are scheduled.

After the time, set in the Abandoned Cart Email rule, the email is sent to the customer. Thus, the time total after which an email is sent can be calculated by the following formula:

(1 hour since the last cart update) + (time set in the rule) = time after which an email is sent


Abandoned Cart Email extension introduces its sections to Marketing > Abandoned Cart Reminder by Aheadworks. The main section for email administration is Rules.



This is the section where storeowner creates and manages Abandoned Cart Email rules. Rules are the main extension entity that controls when, what and on which conditions is sent to customers.

The Abandoned Cart Email rule grid comes with the following interactive elements:

  •  button allows customizing the grid look by hiding, applying columns. Some columns may be excessive and some relevant to the current tasks;
  •  button allows looking for particular rules depending on the filters selected. Filters include all available abandoned cart rule attributes;
  •  button allows saving the perfect grid look to quickly load it whenever required.

Creating a rule

To create new rule storeowner clicks button. The New Rule section comes with the following settings:

  • Enable - defines if the rule is enabled or disabled;
  • Name - defines the name of the rule for internal identification purposes;
  • Subject - the subject of the reminder email that will be displayed to customer;
  • Content - defines the content of the reminder email. The text can be edited with native Magento WYSIWYG editor.

In addition, right below the Content section, store owner can click button to see how the end email will look like. Or send test email to the specified address by clicking button.

  • Send - defines the delay after which an email is sent to the customer (one should consider that the cart is considered abandoned after an hour since the last update);
  • Send Coupon - defines if the coupon should be included in the reminder email;
  • Cart Price Rule - defines what cart price rule should be used to generate the coupon code (only rules with Use Auto Generation option enabled can be used in Abandoned Cart Email rules);
  • Coupon code settings - below Cart Price Rule come coupon code settings, like prefix, suffix and other adjustments that can be used to give the code a required look.

The coupon code are introduced with variable:

{{var coupon.code}}

IMPORTANT! The variable should present in the email content for the coupon code to be generated.

The conditions section allow targeting an email to a particular audience:

  • Cart Conditions - define the shopping cart related conditions like subtotal, item quantity, product combination;
  • Products - define the product related conditions such as product attributes and product type (simple, configurable etc.);

Once every rule aspect is configured storeowner clicks button.

The rule is now created and an email will be sent after a set time to customers who left the cart matching conditions set.

Mail Log

Once the rules have been configured storeowner can track the extension performance under the Mail Log section found at Marketing > Abandoned Cart Reminder by Aheadworks > Mail Log

The section comes with the same interactive elements as Rules section, allowing for quick management. In addition, Mail Log allows storeowner to manually manage scheduled email statuses either one-by-one or en masse. To do this, storeowner selects required emails and in the Action column selects an action:

  • Preview;
  • Cancel;
  • Delete;
  • Send now.

Extension Settings

The last section storeowner has to pay attention to is the settings section. It can be found under Store > Configuration > Aheadworks extensions > Abandoned Cart Reminder.

The section comes with the following elements:

  • Sender - defines an address that will send all reminder emails;
  • Test Email Recipient - defines an email address to which all test emails will be sent;
  • Enable Test Mode - if enabled all outgoing emails will be sent to Test Email Recipient.
  • Keep Emails For, days - defines how long all sent emails should be stored in the Mail Log.

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