1 - Turn off Magento Cache

Prior to installing any 3rd party Magento module, make sure the Magento Cache is fully disabled:

  1. Go to System -> Cache Management
  2. Select all Cache blocks
  3. Choose "Disable" in the upper right "Actions" dropdown
  4. Click the "Submit" button and you are done
Remember to turn Cache back ON after the installation and setup are complete!

2 - Install the module

IWD_All plugin is included into the product package and must be installed for the correct work of the module. If you have already uploaded the plugin on your store, then you may proceed to install the extension on your store.
  1. Unzip and upload the module to the Magento root folder (e.g. domains/
  2. Check that the module preferences has appeared in the Magento Admin section
  3. Configure the module according to your needs
Note that you most likely will be logged out from Magento backend and just need to log back in again. This is normal.



The extension adds a set of new options to the System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Stripe backend page.

Stripe options


To enable the Stripe Payment method on your website, configure the following options:

  • Enable: Select "Yes"
  • Title: Specify the title of the Stripe payment method visible on the checkout
  • Payment from Applicable Countries / Payment from Specific Countries: Choose countries this payment method will be available for
  • New Order Status: Define the title of new order status
  • Minimum Order Total / Maximum Order Total: Enable this payment method for shopping carts only with specific orders total
  • Sort Order: Specify the sequence of its displaying on the checkout page
  • Credit Card Types: Specify credit card types to process through Stripe: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Other
  • Test Secret Key / Test Publishable Key: Enter test secret and publishable keys to place test orders with Stripe
  • Live Secret Key / Live Publishable Key: Define Stripe API information to link Magento with your Stripe account
  • Test Mode: Enable test mode to run tests



Stripe on the checkout

The module adds the Stripe option to the checkout page.


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