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The Multishipping extension introduces several important improvements to the Magento's native ordering and order fulfillment functionality:



1. Download the extension package from your account at our store.
2. Log in to your backend and navigate to System-> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager .
3. Switch to “Direct package file upload” tab. Select the downloaded package in the “Upload package file” filed.
4. Click the “Upload” button to install the package.

Set up cron

The extension requires cron for checking the shipment dates. If you have already configured cron jobs for your Magento installation then you can skip this step. Read the following instructions on setting cron job for your Magento store: 

Generally it would be enough to run in SSH console of your server: 


crontab -e


And insert the following line:  


*/3 * * * * wget -O - -q ''

Don't forget to confirm saving request when exit.



The extension's config settings are located in System -> Configuration -> Ameronix -> MultishipPlus backend page.

Settings tab:

  • Hold orders with future ship dates - enabling this option will automatically put new orders on hold until the actual date arrives.
  • Prevent shipping orders with future ship dates - enabling this option will hide the "Ship" button from the order view screen until the expected shipping date is reached.


NOTE: the dates are checked by cron




Shipping dates

The shipment date can be selected in the Shipping Method section when an order is being created from the backend.

For an existent order, this parameter will be shown as an non-editable entry in the Shipping & Handling Information section:

Creating Multi-shipping orders

To create a multi-shipping order from the backend, navigate to the Sales -> Orders grid and click Create New Multiship Order button

After selecting the Customer and the Store, you will be redirected to the below screen.

Once you have selected the product (s), click

You can create any number of shipments, all the currently specified instances are listed in the left sidebar.