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Thank you for choosing aheadWorks!


Installing RMA

To install the extension follow the instructions below:

1. Backup your web directory and store database

2. Download Gift Card installation package

 3. Upload contents of the Gift Card installation package to your store root directory.

 4. In SSH console of your server navigate to your store root folder:

cd path_to_the_store_root_folder


php -f bin/magento module:enable Aheadworks_Giftcard

and then:

php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade

5. Flush store cache; log out from the backend and log in again.


In case you are running different from Magento recommended server configuration, it may be required, in addition to step 4 of the Installation instructions, to run the following:

php -f bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy



Set up cron

If you have already configured cron jobs for your Magento installation then you can skip this step. Read the following instructions on setting cron job for your Magento store: Magento user guide 

Generally it would be enough to run in SSH console of your server: 



And insert the following line:  



Don't forget to confirm saving request when exit.


Getting Around

Gift Card extension comes ready for work right after installation.

Once installed Gift Card extension introduces its menus under 'Products' section of your Magento store (Products > Gift Card by aheadWorks) and 'Configuration' page (Store > Configuration > AHEADWORKS EXTENSIONS > Gift Card).


Let's get acquainted with the extension. First navigate to the 'Gift Card Products' section:

Products > Gift Card by aheadWorks > Gift Card Products

Creating a Gift Card product

Welcome to the 'Gift Card Products' section, this is where you create, manage and set up the Gift Card products. The process behind creating the Gift Card products is similar to that of native Magento product types with the exception of 'Gift Card Information' is introduced by the extension. 'Gift Card Information' is a set of options that define the Gift Card product feel and functionality.

Let's create your first Gift Card product:

  1. Start creating a Gift Card product by clicking button;
  2. Configure all the settings familiar from creating Magento products: product name, stock quantity etc.; using your store owner expertise;
  3. Click 'Gift Card Information' to get to the Gift Card product's options when done with general product settings;
  4. Configure all the required settings guiding by the setting name (if you are feeling lost - refer to the Gift Card product settings);
    For the demonstration purposes let's configure a virtual Gift Card product, that allows gift message, with open amount ranging from 501 to 1000 of the base currency.
  5. Click button once done with the 'Gift Card Information'.


Congratulations! You have just created your first Gift Card product!


In addition to the Gift Card products the extension allows creating Gift Card codes directly. The Gift Card codes can prove interesting to the store owners who are planning on running physical gift card campaigns or giveaways.

Navigate to the 'Gift Card Codes' section:

Products > Gift Card by aheadWorks > Gift Card Codes

Managing Gift Card codes

Welcome to the 'Gift Card Codes' section, this is where you create Gift Card codes and manage the gift cards purchased by your customers. This screen is a management center of the extension, whether you want to create a Gift Card code, look for specific code customer may have questions on, or check how well your gift card campaign does - this is a screen to refer to.

Take your time to look around. You may want to start with adjusting the Gift Card grid according to your requirements:

  • Click button to see though the columns available and customize the Gift Card grid, some columns may be excessive and some relevant to your current tasks;
  • Click button to look for the Gift Card codes matching a set of attributes;
  • Click button to save the perfect Gift Card grid look you found to quickly load it whenever required.

With the Gift Card grid configured you may want to adjust particular Gift Card's balance, deactivate or delete the Gift Cards you have no need in currently.

Whether one by one or en masse, to change the Gift Card availability - tick the cards and select necessary action from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the Gift Card grid:

After a confirmation dialog pop up the action you have selected will be applied to the Gift Card(s) and the availability change will be reflected in the grid accordingly.

Well done! That what it was for the Gift Card management.


Let's stay in the 'Gift Card Codes' section for now we will learn how to create a Gift Card code.

Creating a Gift Card code

Creating a Gift Card codes is somewhat similar to creating a Gift Card product. There are no native Magento configuration options to set and all the settings available should be familiar by now.

Let's create a Gift Card code:

  1. Start creating a Gift Card code by clicking button;
  2. Fill in required 'Gift Card Information' and set required 'Sender Details' (if you are feeling lost - refer to the Gift Card code settings);
  3. Fill in required Recipient credentials and decide whether you want the Gift Card code emailed to the recipient;
  4. Click button once done.

You have just created a Gift Card code, you should see it in the Gift Card grid.


Now it is high time to get in depth with the extension settings and get to know more about the configuration settings that will help you running a successful gift card campaign.


Adjusting Gift Card options and settings

Stores > Configuration > aheadWorks Extensions > Gift Card

Extension settings

General settings of the Gift Card extension are applied to all the Gift Card products and codes created by default. These settings can be overriden on the product or code level respectively. There two general settings:

  • Gift Card Expires After (days) - defines after how many days since Gift Card has been purchased/created it will become inactive;
  • Gift Card Notification Email Sender - defines the email address from which all the Gift Card related notifications will be fired (e.g. Gift Card message).



Gift Card code settings

When creating a Gift Card code store owner is suggested to configure the following settings:

Gift Card Information:

  • Initial Amount - defines the Gift Card amount equal to the base store currency that can be spent on the products available;
  • Expires After, days - defines after how many days since Gift Card has been purchased/created it will become inactive (Extension settings value is set by default);
  • Website - defines on what website (if you are using several) the Gift Card will be available for redeeming.

Sender Details:

  • Sender Name - defines what name will be displayed in the field 'From:' of the notification emails;
  • Sender Email - defines an email address from which the notification emails will be sent.

Recipient Details:

  • Recipient Name - defines the name to address the Gift Card code recipient;
  • Recipient Email - defines the email address to sent the Gift Card code to;
  • Email Template - defines the notification email template.



Gift Card product settings

When creating a Gift Card product store owner is suggested to configure the following settings:

  • Card Type - defines the type of the Gift Card product:
    • Virtual - the Gift Card code will be emailed to the customer who purchased the Gift Card product or to the Gift Card recipient;
    • Physical - suggests that the store owner issues physical gift card for required distribution type (no email notifications sent);
    • Combined - the Gift Card code will be emailed to the customer who purchased the Gift Card product or to the Gift Card recipient and suggests that the store owner will double the Gift Card code with a physical Gift Card.
  • Card Description - allows typing in the Gift Card product description that will be displayed above the price block;
  • Expires After (days) - defines after how many days since Gift Card has been purchased/created it will become inactive (overrides Extension settings value);
  • Allow Message - allows customers to compose an email message and type in the Gift Card recipient's name and email address;
  • Email Template - allows defining a notification email template;
    Works in conjunction with Allow Message. If Allow Message setting enable - customer submitted message will be added in the bottom of the notification email by default (you can edit notification email template to adjust the customer submitted message placement).
  • Amounts - allows adding/removing the Gift Card product amounts available for customers to select;
  • Allow Open Amount - defines if customers can manually enter required Gift Card amount;
  • Open Amount Min/Max Value - defile minimum and maximum Gift Card value available for customers (works in conjunction with Allow Open Amount).


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