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Magento 2 Home Tabs module allows displaying your most popular products in a compact block directly at the Home page.

Compatibility: Community Edition 2.1.x, 2.2.x, Enterprise Edition 2.1.x, 2.2.x


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Installing Home Tabs


To install this NEKLO extension for Magento 2, you need to:

1. Unpack the zip file provided into the root folder of your Magento 2 installation.
2. From a command line run:
bin/magento module:enable Neklo_Core
bin/magento module:enable Neklo_HomeTabs
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Introducing Home Tabs


To configure the extension, log into your Admin Panel and go to Stores > Settings > Configuration> Neklo Tab > Home Tabs. You will see several tabs with various settings.

Backend&Frontend view

  • Enable extension to allow displaying tabs at the Home Page;

  • Home page position to choose where the tabs will be placed (at the page top/bottom);

  • Block Label to create a customizable title foк for the whole block with the tabs

All the tabs provide the different things:

  • Most viewed arethe products which got the highets number of customer views;
  • Most rated are the items with the highest ranking

  • Most reviewed are the products with the highest nember of the reviews;
  • Wishful are the items that wewre added to the wish list more often than other;
  • Random tab displays the products selected accidentally

See the frontend view




Thank you for your installing and using the extension. You can find more great Magento solutions here:


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