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Business Advantages

The business benefits of the extension are clear and straightforward. It adds new customers and generate more sales, including additional sales made by brand-new customers and purchases from existing ones who act like brand advocates within refer-a-friend programs.

What Makes It Different

In addition to the business advantages brought by the idea of customer referral programs, the module stands out from the bulk of the same solutions with:

  • Rewards available for both brand advocates and new customers;
  • Integration with AddThis and ShareThis;
  • Rules explained in details for brand advocates and Magento staff;
  • Statistics available for individual brand advocates and general data tracking for Magento admins;
  • GDPR compliance (right to be forgotten).

Refer a Friend Frontend Use

Before to offer your customers to take part in the refer-a-friend program you need to configure the extension according to your needs and preferences. The whole process is described in the Backend Configuration section below. When the configuration finished all the eligible shoppers are able to participate quite easily.

Refer a Frind Frontend Interface

Following the process workflow, Refer a Friend offers brand advocates the Referral Program section added to their customer accounts so they could track and manage their referral activity.

The section includes:

  • Detailed refer-a-friend program term explanations, including discounts granted to new customers and rewards provided to brand advocates;
  • Performance statistics, such as the number of invited friends, current reward balance, invitation block, and the checkbox to be notified about new rewards.

The invitation block allows brand advocates to generate a referral link and use ShareThis or AddThis functionality for effective sharing from the account and even on any website page.

In case if a customer leaves the referral group or is excluded from it by Magento admins, the rewards earned can still be applied but the ability to invite new friends is revoked.