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Business Advantages

The Event Tickets extension is useful for the businesses selling tickets to any marketing and promotional events directly related to a particular business. It allows any Magento-based company to generate additional revenues and precisely plan the flow of attendees.

  • The whole process of selling and purchasing event tickets is absolutely flexible and intuitive;
  • Using the extension is free for Magento merchants unlike the chargeable third-party services;
  • The design and management options of the extension are provided on the Magento side and easily accessible by Magento owners.

Event Tickets Frontend Use

Before using the extension Magento admins have to create and manage all the necessary elements of their future events, including Events, Venues, Spaces, Sectors, and Ticket Types. As soon as the configuration is finished the module allows customers to purchase tickets easily and conveniently.

Shopping Process

Events are a new type of native Magento products and have own product pages much similar to any other product types. They are searchable by the internal Magento search functionality and filterable by layered navigation.

Entering the product page of an event a customer is able to easily and conveniently purchase the tickets they need. Tickets may have different ticket types (kids, adults, students) and belong to particular sectors (fan zone, VIP, dance floor). If the personalization functionality is set up by a merchant, in some cases, they also need to fill their name, email, phone, etc. Still, for the logged-in customers, these fields are pre-filled automatically. Next, they need to select the number of tickets and put them to carts. That's all. After that, they can proceed to the shopping cart page and checkout.



Besides purchasing, customers are able to add tickets to wishlists, if the event ticket product is made up using one sector and one ticket type.

During the checkout process, they can also amend the number of purchased tickets as well. The purchased tickets are sent to the email specified by customers and contain all the necessary information regarding the event, location, venue, sector, and seats. If needed, customers can print them out right there. The tickets also contain QR and barcodes and make it possible to scan them by ticket takers and send the information about used tickets straight to the Magento backend.

Ticket Taker Permissions

For the purposes of security, ticket takers are not allowed to enter the Magento store backend area. Instead, they are included in specific customer groups during the backend configuration process and able to scan the tickets by QR and barcodes. This way, the information about the past customers and used tickets is sent directly to Magento.