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Migrating questions from Magento 1

Product Questions 1.1 for Magento 2 introduces a questions migration tool. The questions and answers generated by Product Questions for Magento 1 can be migrated with the help of Magento Data Migration Tool. To migrate the tickets follow the steps below:


Read carefully and consider this information of top priority as otherwise, it may result in an accident data losses.


  1. Magento Data Migration Tool is required to be installed prior to starting the migration.
    The migration script relies heavily on Magento Data Migration tool. Understanding how it works will prove useful during the migration process.
  2. Backup Magento 2 databases before the migration to have an opportunity to revert any changes.
    Ticket migration may involve rewriting database tables, so backup is advised.
  3. Questions and answers can be properly and confidently migrated only from the M1 Product Questions 2.x.x version and above. If you have previous versions installed, do not try migrating them on your own.
  4. Migration specifics:
    You need to make sure that the Magento Webstore and Website IDs are the same;
    Target customers on a destination store are determined and assigned by customer emails specified in the source Magento1 store;
    Target products on a destination store are determined and assigned by product SKUs stored in the source Magento1 store;
    Target product attribute sets on a destination store are determined and assigned by attribute set names provided in the source Magento1 store.
  5. Sharing options migration specifics:
    Product question sharing options are converted in the following way

     - Product(s) -> Selected Products with SKU condition (Certain Product, if only one product is selected)
     - Attribute Set -> Selected Products with Attribute Set condition
     - Website & Global -> All products

    If there is no chance to determine the products suitable to share a particular question, this question receives the sharing status - 'All Products', and the publishment status - 'Unpublished'. And, the corresponding notification about such questions is added to the migration log (aw_pq2_migration.log).


1. Install Data Migration Tool following the instructions provided by the Magento team.


2. Copy contents of the /etc or /src folders (for Magento 2.1.x and Magento 2.2.x respectively) found in the installation package of Product Questions for Magento 2 to vendor/magento/data-migration-tool/ folder.


3. Navigate to vendor/magento/data-migration-tool/etc/aw_pq2/ and open config.xml for edit.

More information on the tag values and what one should put inside can be found in the Magento Data Migration Tool configuration instructions.
<source> - is the source database the questions and answers should be migrated from.
<destination> - is the target database the questions and answers should be migrated to.

4. Run the migration process from the console:

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bin/magento migrate:data -r vendor/magento/data-migration-tool/etc/aw_pq2/config.xml

5. Ticket migration is complete.


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