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When the gift card product is purchased a gift card code is created. It is not the only way to create a gift card code though. The gift card codes can be created manually from the Products > Gift Card by Aheadworks > Gift Card Codes grid and via Gift Card Pools. This section covers gift card management at the Gift Card Codes grid.

Gift Card Codes grid comes with the same control elements as Gift Card Product grid with an addition of and buttons, that, as comes from their names, allow importing and exporting gift card codes.

Gift Card Codes grid offers an overview of all the gift card codes available. Here you can find required gift card code, check its balance, see the order the card has been applied to and customer details. This section offers all the information the store administrator might need to the gift card management.

To create a gift card code click button.

Creating gift card code

Gift card codes share some of the settings with the gift card products, refer to the Adding gift card product section for reference. However, some settings, as sender and recipient are unique as gift cards are supposed to belong to the particular customer.

Delivery date

This section controls when the gift card is delivered.

  • Delivery Date - defines the date of the card delivery;
  • Delivery Date Timezone - defines the timezone of the delivery date to consider time differences if you are working worldwide;
  • Website - defines the website of the gift card.

Sender Details

This section controls from which email address and from whom the gift card is sent. For example, you want to congratulate your customer on holidays or edit the existing gift card for the recipient.

Recipient Details

Here the store owner is suggested specifying all the recipient details, editing message and selecting email template the gift card code is sent with.


Once done setting up the gift card code, there are several options, the store administrator can:

  • Save and Send Gift Card;
  • Save;
  • Save and Continue Edit;
  • Reset;
  • Back.



Depending on gift card product settings, every gift card can be assigned with a particular email template. The extension offers a set of sample email templates that can be edited in the Marketing > Communication > Email Templates.

There are two peculiarities with the Gift Card email templates and Magento templates in general.


Gift Card images are introduced to the email templates with the following variable:

Code Block
var card_image_base_url|raw

So the full line of code may look like:

Code Block
<img src="{{var card_image_base_url|raw}}default.png"> </img>


Due to a Magento issue variable "var logo_url" in the backend preview always returns Luma logo instead of an active logo. This may be confusing.

That's why we suggest updating the store with the following fix:

The issue does NOT affect the actual emails sent, only the store logo in the preview.

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