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Depending on gift card product settings, every gift card can be assigned with a particular email template. The extension offers a set of sample email templates that can be edited in the Marketing > Communication > Email Templates.

There are two peculiarities with the Gift Card email templates and Magento templates in general.


Gift Card images are introduced to the email templates with the following variable:

Code Block
var card_image_base_url|raw

So the full line of code may look like:

Code Block
<img src="{{var card_image_base_url|raw}}default.png"> </img>


Due to a Magento issue variable "var logo_url" in the backend preview always returns Luma logo instead of an active logo. This may be confusing.

That's why we suggest updating the store with the following fix:

The issue does NOT affect the actual emails sent, only the store logo in the preview.

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