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Onсe installed Smart One Step Checkout extension replaces native Magento checkout page with a fully functional page of a single step. Everything customer may need: login, adjust items in the cart, change payment or shipping method, etc.; can be found within this befound withinthis page. Providing customers with all necessary options and actions within a single page is the key to keep customer from keepcustomerfrom leaving the checkout page.

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As you can see from the full screen of the checkout page, the extension has been designed in such a way to minimize the change of customers leaving checkout page. The page is self-sufficient in providing customers with all necessary control tools, to edit items in the cart and checking out.

Let's take a closer look at the checkout page.

Login and shipping address

The first checkout block offers customers to login and fill in tologinandfillin information on shipping address.

Customers are suggested to enter an email address. If there is already an account at the store with such email address, the extension recognizes an email address and suggests customer to logintologin.

Additionally, customers can click "Login here" to login manuallytologinmanually. Whenever "Login here" link clicked customers are displayed with a popup window apopupwindow suggesting to enter their email address and password.

Below the login and registration fields customers registrationfieldscustomers are represented with the Shipping Address blocks. As with every Smart One Step Checkout field, all the information customers enter is cached for the session time. Meaning, that if an unexpected page reload happens pagereloadhappens all the information customers have already submitted will be in its place.

Shipping method and Delivery Date

Below Shipping Address block customers are represented with the Shipping Method block.

Here customers are suggested to choose preferred shipping choosepreferredshipping method and define delivery date and timeandtime,if allowed by the extension settings.

Delivery Date and Time options are flexible and are set by the store administrator, any dates and time intervals can be specified depending on the delivery options available.

Preferred delivery date and time are displayed at the aredisplayed atthe order details pages.

Payment Method

Next comes the Payment Method block.

Here customers are suggested to specify preferred payment method and fill in billing address if it doesn't correspond with the shipping address.

Depending on the payment method selected customers will be either suggested to fill in required fields, redirected to the payment method side upon clicking uponclicking button. This solely depends on the payment method configuration and peculiarities.

Order Review

On the right hand of the screen customers are represented with the Order Review block.

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This block offers an overview of all the products added to the cart, allows removing products, changing product quantity and applying any discount codes. Whenever product quantity is adjusted or product is removed from the cart, the order total is adjusted automatically without page reloads.

Below the Coupon Code field customers are suggested to agree to the store terms and conditions set in Magento settings.

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Additional Payment Options

Smart One Step Checkout is integrated with several Aheadworks extensions, including Store Credit and Refund, Gift Card, and Reward Points. Using this functionality, customers are able to use store credits, gift card codes, and reward points they have to pay for their purchases.

Additionally, they can also sign up for companies newsletters on the spot.

Adding notes and placing order

The last block of the Smart One Step Checkout page is represented with the "Add a Note" field and button.

Here, customers can add any note to the store administrator, which will be available at the order details page and place an order. Additionally, store administrator can upload trust seals of the payment methods available and specify a secure payment label. As per image above you can see uploaded official PayPal trust seal and "100% Secure Payment" secure payment label specified.



Extension settings page can be found under Stores > Configuration > Aheadworks extensions > One Step Checkout.The page controls overall extension behavior, allows adjusting checkout field names, display order, uploading trust seals and many more.


General extension configuration section comes with the following settings:

  • Title - defines title of the Smart One Step Checkout page;
  • Description - adds a message below the checkout page title;
  • Apply Discount Code Enabled - defines if customers can apply discount coupons right at the checkout page;
  • Order Notes Enabled - defines if customers can leave notes to the store administrator. Order Notes available from the order details page;
  • Enable Address Autocomplete Suggestions - enables automated address suggestions provided by the Google Place service;

  • Google API Key - the Google Place API key required to identify your store.

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Newsletter Subscribe Options

The block controls behavior of controlsbehaviorof Newsletter Subscription field, whether it is available at the checkout page.

  • Enabled - defines if customers can subscribe to the newsletter right from the checkout page;
  • Checked by Default - defines if subscribe to newsletter checkbox is checked by default.

Default Values

Default values settings control whether some of the fields have pre-defined values in them. Proves to be helpful for the stores that mostly ship the goods to a single country or are working with a particular shipping or payment method company.

  • Country - allows selecting pre-defined value for the Country checkout field;
  • Shipping Method - allows defining which shipping method is selected by default;
  • Payment Method - allows defining which payment method is selected by default.

Delivery Date Options

This configuration section defines date and time slots available for the order delivery, and whether customers can even specify delivery date and time.

  • Show Delivery Date - defines if Delivery Date and Time block is available at the checkout page;
  • Available Week Days - defines on which days of the week orders can be delivered to customers;
  • Delivery is not Available During These Days and Periods - defines what days and time slots are excluded from the available delivery options;
  • Days Between Order and Delivery Dates - defines after how many days from the order date customers can start booking delivery.

With Delivery is not Available During These Days and Periods the store administrator is represented with a set of available periods:

  • Single Day - allows excluding particular date from the delivery options, useful for national holidays or anything unexpected;
  • Recurrent Day of Week - allows excluding particular day of the week from the delivery options, for example if forexampleif you don't deliver on weekends;
  • Recurrent Day of Month - allows excluding particular day of the month from the delivery options, for example if forexampleif you have to do the accounting;
  • Period, From-To - allows excluding particular period excludingparticularperiod from the delivery options, your best delivery-guy went on vacation.

Combining these periods and dates by clicking button, store administrator can consider any delivery dates available.

Shipping and Billing Fields customization

These two configuration sections let you rearrange fields of the shipping and billing address blocks, add new fields, mark fields as required and rename fields.


Some of the shipping and billing address fields CANNOT be disabled because most of the payment methods require this fields present and will not process payments that lack customer information. This has been done to avoid conflicts with payment processors.

Almost every field of this section can be either enabledeitherenabled,or set as required. Required fields are mandatory and customers cannot complete checkout process without filling these in.

For rearranging field blocks at the checkout page the store administrator can use button. The button functions on the drag & drop principle. To rearrange fields click and drag the block to required torequired position.

Trust Seals Block

Trust Seals Block settings let the store administrator upload security badges provided by the payment processors to make sure customers are condfient with arecondfientwith the checkout page.

  • Enabled - defines if the trust seals displayed below "Place Order" button.
  • Secure Payment Label - defines the wording that anticipates the trust seals;
  • Trust Seals - allows uploading trust seals to the checkout page. Most of the payment processors offer a couple lines of code to insert trust seals to the checkout. The store administrator can upload multiple seals by clicking button.
  • Custom Text - additional block of text to be displayed below the uploaded trust seals.

Making use of the trust seals may prove useful for introducing new payment methods and gaining customers' trust.

GeoIP Settings

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The GeoIP section allows Magento admins to enable the functionality autodetecting countries of customers by their IP

  • GeoIP2 Library - allows admins to download and install the GeoIP2 library;

  • GeoIP2 Database - allows admins to download or update the existing GeoIP2 database;

  • Enable IP Detection - allows enabling the functionality if the GeoIP library is installed.

Note: the Default country option, if specified, has a higher priority over the above functionality.


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