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Layered Navigation extension comes ready for work right after the installation.

  • Once installed Layered Navigation replaces the native Magento 2 navigation menu automatically, introducing additional functionality and filters;
  • AJAX reloads allows customers to refresh only the product results instead of the entire page;
  • Layered Navigation can filter products on both catalog and search result pages;
  • Grid or list view support;
  • Mobile-friendly layout.

Enabled and Disabled Pop-over Modes

The provided navigation functionality can be implemented in two ways: with or without the navigation pop-over. In the latter case, the module updates the product results page upon each filter selection, while with the pop-over enabled customers can choose all the necessary attribute values and then refresh the resulting page at once. Each of the above logic changes the appearance of the layered navigation bar a bit. For example, the bar without the pop-over features the count of products available upon the particular attribute value selection in brackets, while the pop-over mode displays only the number of currently selected items.

It the example above we have selected three Style attribute values. Once all the required attribute values are selected the customer is suggested to click the button in the extension's pop-over.


Consider that you can stop displaying product counts by the extension if this option is disabled in the native Magento layered navigation configuration section in the backend (Stores -> Configuration -> Layered Navigation -> Display Product Count).

Attribute multiselects

The first difference between the native Magento layered navigation and our extension you might notice is the attribute values multi-select. It allows customers to select several attribute values within one product attribute and, this way, considerably broaden and improve the final product selection.


Layered Navigation extension catches up all the product attributes available for the particular category. Attribute sorting options, values, availability for layered navigation, - all these are native Magento 2 settings that are controlled by native Magento settings described in the developer user guide.

New filter options

Along with the enhanced navigation functionality, the Layered Navigation extension offers three new filter options:

  • In Stock - once selected displays all the products in stock. It is useful if you display out of stock products in your store (filter is automatically disabled if there are no out of stock products in a particular category);
  • On Sale - displays all the products with the 'Special Price' attribute (filter is automatically disabled if there are no products with 'Special Price' in a particular category);
  • New - displays all new products with the 'Set Product as New from Date' option enabled (filter is automatically disabled if there are no 'new' products in a category).

In the example above, we have selected 'On Sale' filter resulting in all the products with Special Price displayed.

Other newly added filter options act in the same way directly exploiting the native Magento 2 attributes.

Additionally, the Layered Navigation extension is compatible with the Magento Solr search out of the box with no manipulations required.

Show X More

In order to truncate extra long lists of multiple attribute values, the extension uses the Show X more link. The link shows the number of hidden filter values and allows customers to unfold the list in just one click if needed.

Clear All

As soon as customers can simultaneously select several and sometimes a lot of attribute values within the same filter, the process of disabling them one by one may become quite time-consuming. So, Layered Navigation allows them to cancel all the selected filter values in just one click on the "X" button next to the filter name.

Price Filter

The extension also offers new types of the Price filter, including the price slider and from-to price input. The first one is especially useful for quick selections, while the from-to input allows customers to specify exact price ranges.