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Step 4

In the What to Display section you are suggested to choose among three display options:

  • Conditions Combination;

  • Who Bought This Also Bought (WBTAB);

  • Who Viewed This Also Viewed (WVTAV).

Note: The Who Bought This Also Bought and Who Viewed This Also Viewed display options are only available for the Product Page and Shopping Cart Page related products block sets.

The Conditions Combination option specifies the product attributes or attribute combinations that will define the products to be displayed in the ARP block.

The process behind specifying the products is the same as in theStep 3 Where to Display section - depending on your requirements you either include or exclude products.

The Who Bought This Also Bought display option allows selecting the related products that are frequently bought together with the current product.

Note: The ‘current product’ is either the product displayed on the current product page or the most expensive product displayed on the shopping cart page. The same logic is applied to the Who Viewed This Also Viewed option.

The Who Viewed This Also Viewed option, if enabled in the extension settings section, allows selecting the related products that are frequently viewed together with the current product (consider the latest note) within one browser session.

This display option can be further configured in order to filter particular products from the above selection.


With the enabled Suggest Products from One Category Only toggle switch button, the extension takes from the above pool of products only the items that belong to the category of the current product.

The Suggest Products Only with Price Higher than Price of Current Product option, accordingly, allows selecting only the items with higher prices.

And the combination of these two filters even further narrows down the list of available related products, which is obviously is suitable for only big stores handling numerous visits and sessions.

When you are done with specifying the products you want to be displayed in the ARP block, please navigate to the final section of the New rule screen - How to Display:

Step 5

At How to Display section you are suggested to adjust the ARP block look and feel:

  • Set the name of the ARP block that will be displayed to the store customers with the Block title field;
  • Decide on how the ARP block will look like with the Block layout field: Grid or Slider;
    • If you select Grid Block layout it will be suggested to specify the number of rows in the block grid;
  • Specify if you want the 'Add To Cart' button displayed under every product displayed in the ARP block with the Display "Add To Cart" button selector;
  • Set the maximum number of products displayed in the ARP block in the Max products to display field;
  • Decide on how you want the related products to be sorted in the ARP block, for example: by bestsellers, low to high prices, etc.


Note: The sorting orders for WBTAB and WVTAV display modes are defined by default, by Order Counts and View Counts accordingly. In the case of the enabled Override Option in the "Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells " tab of the backend product edit editing form the related product blocks using the WBTAB and WVTAV display modes and containing native related products will be sorted by the product positions specified in the corresponding edit editing form.

Once done with all How to Display settings click button. That's it, Automatic Related Products rule has been created.