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The Magento Affiliate extension allows you to create a base of affiliates, who will promote your products over the Internet. You pay the affiliate basing on conversion of sales. If a customer follows an affiliate link to your website and makes a purchase in accordance with the rules of your campaign, the affiliate is paid.

Go to the Magento AffiliateManage Affiliates backend page. Here you can view the full list of affiliates in your store.

From the Manage Affiliates page, you have the possibility to View Customer, Edit, or Delete the affiliate. Choose the required affiliate and specify the necessary option in the Action field.

You can also change the status of the affiliate. Just select the Change Status option in the Actions field and specify the required status in the Status field.

Creating new affiliate

To create a new affiliate, click the Add New button and choose the required customer.

In the General Information tab, set the Status field to Active and click the Save Affiliate button.

After saving the affiliate, the Total Affiliated and Affiliated Last Month fields are added to the General Information tab. These fields contain the information about the affiliate’s commissions for the whole time and the last month.

If the affiliate is saved, a new Balance tab appears. Here you can find the current affiliate’s balance, view all the transactions and withdrawals, and add commissions (via Manual Transaction section) to affiliate’s current balance.

To add commissions, specify the amount of the transaction, choose the campaign, leave a comment if necessary and click the Add button. Then click the Save Affiliate button.

When the affiliate is created, the Affiliate Program tab is added to the customer’s account page. The information about affiliate’s commissions, withdrawals, and campaigns are displayed here.

The Lifetime commissions field displays the full amount of earnings during the whole affiliate’s life.

The Pending commissions field shows the amount of commissions that have been earned, but are not available for redeeming yet.

The Available commissions field shows the total commissions currently available for withdrawing.