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Through this tab you can configure the appearance of the form (a popup, a separate page, or a custom page position). Also you can optionally set various text (html allow) before and after form.

  • Request Form Type - this selector allows choosing how the frontend request form will be represented. The available option are:
    • Popup - the form will be displayed in a pop-up window
    • Separate Page - the form will be displayed on a dedicated page
    • Custom (Manual Injection) - the form will not be show automatically; it must be inserted to the product page via CMS (see instructions here)


      If you set the form type to "Custom" , the "#pricematch" anchor will be added to the "Price Match" link. After clicking the "Price Match" button, the page will be scrolled to where the "Price Match Form" is actually located.

      Also make sure pmatch/form is added and allowed in System -> Permissions -> Blocks 

  • Insert request button automatically on product page - automatically adds "Price Match" button into the product pages. If this option is set to "No", the button must be inserted manually (see instructions here)
  • Request button label - here you can define the text of the Price Match button
  • Text before / after form - these two fields allow to add desired content to the header and footer sections of the Price Match form
  • Show option "I'd like to pay for it" - enables / disables an additional field where a customer can specify the desired price
titleHow does the form look like?

The below example shows a pop-up form. Highlighted are the following elements:

  1. Text before form
  2. "I'd like to pay for it" optional field
  3. Text after form






Status - Pending / Approved / Rejected

Changing Status to "Approved" and saving the request will activate the discount.

Below is a block of information-only non-editable fields:

  • Created on - the date of the request submission
  • Store - the origin of the request (storeview)
  • Product - the link to backend edit product page
  • Customer - the link to backend Customer Account page

The next block contains price-related values:

  • Current price for customer - the actual price the item is currently available at to the specific customer (Price Rules, Group pricing, etc. are applied)
  • Product original price - the list price of the item
  • Requested price - the value specified by the customer in "I'd Like To Pay" field


    If the correspondent frontend field is disabled in the General Settings , this filed will still be present, but will have $0 value

  • Competitor's price - the reported price at the competitor site
  • Difference between competitor's price and current price and Difference between requested price and current price fields - automatically calculated differences, represented in both absolute ($) and relative (%) values

In the block below, you can adjust your offer:

  • Discount, USD - here you can specify the discount amount (in the store's base currency, absolute value)
  • Discount active to - here you are to set the time restriction
  • Discount usage - Unlimited / Only Once / Used

Below you can find the additional details provided by the customer:

  • Link - the link to the competitor's store
  • Phone Number - customer's phone number
  • Additional Information - The content of Information field submitted by the customer