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AW_All, AW_Core and AW_Lib are special service extensions that come as a part of every Aheadworks extension package distributed via These service extensions help Aheadworks products run smoothly on all Magento stores, both Community and Enterprise editions. Service extensions introduce additional set of libraries that expand functionality of Aheadworks extensions for Magento and help these run at full potential. Most of the extensions require only AW_All service extension installed, whereas other may require two or three installed simultaneously.

Packages of Aheadworks extensions available at Magento Marketplace come without service extensions and require manual installation of service extensions using Magento Connect manager. This is a limitation of Magento Connect Manager, that allows only a single extension installed at a time. Before installing an extension purchased from Magento Marketplace, make sure to install all the service extensions listed in bold before extension description.


1. Download required special service extensions by the links below:

 2. Log in to the Magento backend and navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager

 3. Upload special service extension in the Direct package file upload section of Magento Connect Manager

 Click to view details

  • Click button, and show the extension package downloaded;
  • Click button to install special service extension to your store.

 4. Make sure the service extension is installed successfully in the frame at the bottom of the page

 Click to view details

In the extension has been installed sucessfully you should see a similar message:


Make sure to install all the required service extensions before proceeding with installation of purchased extension.

 5. You can now proceed with installation of the Aheadworks extension purchased.


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