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Magento Editions Compatibility:

Community: 2.0.4
Enterprise: 2.0.4

This product has been developed and is supported by a partner developer.


Installing Mega Menu

To install the extension follow the instructions below:

1. Backup your web directory and store database;

2. Download Mega Menu installation package;

 3. Upload contents of the Mega Menu installation package to your store root directory;

 4. Navigate to your store root folder in the SSH console of your server:

cd path_to_the_store_root_folder


php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade


{your store's root directory}/var/di

then run:

php -f bin/magento setup:di:compile

finish with:

php -f bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

5. Flush store cache; log out from the backend and log in again.


Make sure the installation is done from under the FTP administrator account. Otherwise make sure to set 775 permissions to the store root directory after the extension is deployed.



Setting up Mega Menu

With Mega Menu you can display all category levels on one menu without requiring your customers to scroll over the root category to see additional levels. Setting up Mega Menu’s is a straightforward process that starts with selecting the Root Categories you would like to include in your Mega Menu.

Step 1

Decide which Root Category you would like to add to your Mega Menu. In the Magento 2 admin dashboard navigate to Products>Categories. Select the Root Category you would like to add to your Mega Menu. Once you have selected your Root Category scroll to the bottom to view Mega Menu options.

  • Include in Navigation Menu Select ‘Yes’ to include in your Mega Menu. Select ‘No’ to exclude;
  • Main navigation menu style - Select ‘none’ for native Magento menu. Select ‘Mega-menu with Background Image’ for Nucleus Mega Menu;
  • Mega-menu background image - Upload an image you would like displayed on the menu background;
  • Mega-menu background link target - Add a link you would like linked to the background image.

Step 2

Activate your Mega Menu by including it in the navigation menu, add an image, and add a link target for the image.


Once customizations have been made select .

Congratulations! You have created and customized your Mega Menu!



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