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The GoSlider extension is a powerful Magento Go ad tracking and banner rotation system with high clickthrough rate. It will never let your banners stagnate by rotating them automatically in an eye-catching manner on any page of your Magento Go store.

Create a recency effect at your Magento Go website with a changing head image and lure your visitors to content on your own or others' sites with the most attractive tool – the GoSlider module. Use this Magento Go extension to display random linked images at any place of your store with joyful visual effects.


  • Open the Design -> Themes Editor page at the backend

  • Click the Customize link in the current theme block

  • Go to the CSS Editor tab and click the Manage button near the Images Assets label

  • Create the aw_islider folder


  • Select your new folder aw_islider on the left, click Browse Files... button

  • select all files from the css_editor_images/aw_islider directory into the created folder and click Upload Files button.

    When the files uploaded, it is safe to close the popup.

  • Insert the content following code at the bottom of the Edit custom.css field:

    so it would look like this:


  • Go to the Java Script Editor tab and upload the file awislider.js the same way as it was done with the image files of the extension:
    Browse-> [Select awislider.js] -> Upload files and click Save button:


  • the extenison is installed and now we need to put the slider on your frontend.


Let's suppose that we have 3 files uploaded via CMS editor into media root. Their names are slide1.png, slide2.png and slide3.png.

Insert the following code into any CMS page or CMS Block:



Do not insert code when the WYSIWYG editor is active. Disable it previously by clicking the Show / Hide Editor button

Parameters description

  • blockId – HTML id of container element that will be replaced with slider. Allowed characters: Letters, digits, hyphen (-) and underscope (_). Space symbol is not allowed.
  • items – images list. Unlimited number of images is supported. The format is the following:
    • image – image URL. It could be an URL of an image located somewhere in the internet ( Also you can upload image into your store via WYSIWYG Editor and use the value of img src attribute (see the example above).
    • url – destination URL. This is the link the customer will be redirected to after a click on that particular image.
    • title – value of the link title and image alt attributes.
  • effect – switch effect. The following values can be applied
    • simple-slider
    • fade-appear
    • blind-up-down
    • slide-up-down
    • jalousie
    • random
  • animationSpeed – images' sliding speed, (in seconds)
  • firstFrameTimeout – timeout before first image sliding (the same as animationSpeed when 0 is specified), in seconds.
  • autohideNavigation – enable or disable the automatic hidding of navigation bar


 Usage Example

We can create a dedicated static block (through CMS-> Static Blocks menu) with the GoSlider code embedded.

Now, we can use this slider instance in a number of ways:

1. We can add this block to a category page through the Edit Category menu


2. We can add this block into any other position via a Frontend App



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