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More and more stores are handling visitors from multiple countries, often using multiple Websites, Stores or StoreViews in Magento.

When visitors enters the wrong store in Magento they can end up setteling the order wrong, with incorrect freight costs, tax amounts and much more.

To handle this there exists something called Geo-localization, which lets the Magento store owner automatically send the visitor to the correct store and much more.

What features are covered in the Magento Geo IP Localization module?

The module consists of several separate features, including:

  • Automatically send visitors to the correct StoreView based upon their origin country
  • Automatically select the correct currency in Magento based upon their origin country
  • Automatically send visitors from "non-achknowledged" countries to dedicated URLs (i.e dedicated CMS pages) to inform them about for instance how they can shop offline from their store as your store dont ship to that specific counry
  • Restriction (both Whitelist and Blacklist)

So, how do I configure these settings?

After installing the module, head over to System - Configuration - GeoIP section, to check the main settings.


Maxmind GeoIP datafile is included

The Database path is the path to the GeoIP data file. The module includes Maxmind`s free version GeoIP data file, however you can purchase the Maxmind GeoIP subscription package and get an even more exact localization. If you purchase the subscription paid version, just replace it with the existing one, or add it to another file name and change the path/filename in this setting.


The module inludes functionality to both whitelist and blacklist traffic.


By default the allowed urls are "/", which is the whole installation.


You can add urls that needs to be excepted from the GeoIP logic. There are some default exception urls, like the Magento API and Magento`s built-in wishlist functionality, however most stores also have various 3rd part modules that uses urls that needs to be excepted.

The module also includes by defualt exception from the most commonly used search engines, like Googlebot and MSNBot (Bing). Here you can add your own search engines (i.e user agents), like local search engines, etc.

Enable Country -> Store View

Enabling this feature lets you afterwards select a StoreView in the upper left "Current Configuration Scope" dropdown, and them "map" selected countries to that StoreView.

Once a visitor from one of the selected countries enters your Magento store, the module will automatically send the visitor to that StoreView.

Enable Country -> Currency

This feature will let you map selected currencies to selected countries, i.e mapping GBP to United Kingdom, USD to United States, etc.

Note that the Currency Setting is a Global setting, and that only available currencies from the Magento setting "Manage Currencies" section will be available in the Currency dropdown. Also note that only Allowed Countries (Magento standard setting) will be available.

Enable Country -> Url

This feature will let you forward visitors from selected countries to specific URLs, i.e you would like to send visitors from India to, where you have some information about that you do not ship to that country, etc.


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