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Magento 2 Flexible Bundle Product allows customers to create their own combinations of items and purchase them as one product. The extension makes it possible to define bundle product prices, dynamic or fixed, this way, promoting bundle purchases.

Compatibility: Magento Open Source 2.1.X - 2.3.X, Magento Commerce 2.1.X - 2.3.X

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Installing Flexible Bundle Products

Command Line Installation

1. Backup your web directory and store database

2. Download the Flexible Bundle Product installation package

 3. Upload the contents of the Flexible Bundle Product installation package to your store root directory

 4. In the SSH console of your server navigate to your store root folder:

cd path_to_the_store_root_folder


php -f bin/magento module:enable Peexl_BundleCreatorPlus


php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade


php -f bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

5. Flush your store cache; log out from the backend and log in again


Make sure the installation is done from under the FTP administrator account. Otherwise, make sure to set 775 permissions to the store root directory after the extension is deployed.

Composer Installation

1. Log in to your customer account at and navigate to Account -> Composer access;

2. Configure your store to work with the Aheadworks composer repository:

Add composer repository to composer.json by running:

composer config repositories.aheadworkscomposer in the Magento installation root.

Use a key pair provided as login and pass. You can optionally save them in the global composer auth file.

 3. You can start using AW composer now.

 For extension names, navigate to Account -> Composer access.

 4. Open the root Magento directory on your server and send Composer the following command:

composer require <component-name>:<version>

Note: Use the previously copied component name and version.

 5. Make sure that Composer finished the installation without errors. Flush store cache, log out and log into the backend again.



Getting Around

The Flexible Bundle Product extension allows customers to easily create bundled products in just several steps and fully control the whole process.

The available selection of products provided by Magento admins makes it possible to create any product combinations, including configurable products, the products with custom options, and even native Magento bundles. This way, Magento store owners do not need to create multiple product combinations manually while customers do this by themselves and as they want.

Bundling Process

The whole process may contain any number of steps and create bundles of any complexity. Customers just need to add products to the package and, when the bundle is staffed, proceed to the checkout.



All the way through, a customer has full control over the selected products, bundle price and discount, and current step. Moreover, he can replace the previously selected items anytime or start the process over again and improve the whole bundle.

The same way, all bundle details are clear on the shopping cart page.



Flexible Bundle Product Configuration

Go to Products > Catalog, click the arrow near the Add Product button and choose the Extended Bundle Product option.

New Product Page

You will be redirected to the New Product page. Please fill the Product Name and SKU fields, select appropriate values from the Tax Class and Visibility boxes.

For the Quantity field click Advanced Inventory and in the new window set Manage Stock to 'No'.


Select the appropriate state for the Dynamic Price switch selector:

  • Yes - the price will be generated as a sum of the prices of all the selected products;
  • No - the price will be generated as a sum of all step prices.

Note: you will be able to specify a fixed price for each step later.

Next, go to the Content tab and fill the Description and Short Description fields.

Extended Bundle Options

Go to the Extended Bundle Options tab and configure the preview image and some other bundle product options:

  • Show preview? - allows you to display or not a preview image for the bundle product;
  • Preview Type - includes two modes to display the preview image: 'layers' or 'grid';
  • Show products not visible in catalog? - makes it possible to use the products not visible in the catalog for bundles or not;
  • Discount (%) - defines the discount to be applied to the products of a bundle if dynamic pricing is enabled.


Extended Bundle Items

Go to the Extended Bundle Items tab and click the Create New Item button. This way you will add a new product selection step to your new bundle product.

You need to fill all mandatory fields (Code, Title, Price and Position):

  • Code - a unique identifier of the product selection step;
  • Title - step title;
  • Price - step price, required only if Dynamic Price was set to No. If you chose dynamic pricing, you can fill this field with any numeric value;
  • Position - the number of the step;
  • Description - the step description that will be seen by your users on the frontend;
  • Optional - this checkbox allows you to set this product step as optional in other words allows a user to skip it, if necessary.



Click the Add Products button to assign products that can be selected at this step.



After the above step, you will see a list of all assigned products. You can remove products from that list and assign them new prices (the Override Price field), that will be used instead of the actual product price.



Note: the Preview Image field should contain product image name, the image itself should be uploaded to the "pub/media/bundlecreatorplus/<product-id>" folder (e.g. pub/media/bundlecreatorplus/350 for Extended Bundle product with id = 350), or you can specify the image from this product's image gallery using this notation: "[g]image-label", where image-label is image's label.


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