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General info

The general dataflow in use for the integration is described below, i.e. where the data are going back and forth between the ERP-system and Magento.

Manual- and Auto steps


The steps marked as "manual" should be handled manually by a person, while the steps marked as "auto" are automatically processed continuously by the integration.

Graphical version

Text version

New and Updated PRODUCTS from ERP to Magento

STEP 1 (manual): Product is created in the ERP-system with the following core data 

    1. SKU / EAN
    2. Name / ItemName
    3. Price
    4. Short Description
    5. Long Description
    6. Stock (optional)

STEP 2 (auto): Product is automatically transferred to and created in Magento to be finalized

By default, all new products are set to DISABLED in Magento, so that it is easy to manually enable them one-by-one after each one has been verified and added the additional information to:

    1. Link to appropriate categories
    2. Additional attributes assigned (optional)
    3. Enabled
Changes made to the core data in the ERP-system are constantly being updated towards Magento

Stock updates from ERP to Magento

Stock changes in the ERP-system are constantly being updated towards Magento.

Orders from Magento to ERP

STEP 1 (auto): New Orders created in Magento are automatically transferred into the ERP-system with all required details:

    1. Customer information
    2. Delivery information
    3. Payment information
    4. Product(s) information

STEP 2 (manual): Handling, Packing and Shipping is done in the ERP-system

The ERP-system integrates towards the appropriate EDI-system (if being used) to print shipping labels and to generate tracking number for shipment.

STEP 3 (auto): Finalized Order data is transferred back from ERP to Magento, where payment data are being finalized/captured

In Magento, the Order will now have one Invoice connected to it, on which the finalized payment details are connected to.

STEP 4 (auto): The Order is now complete in both ERP and Magento

Part delivery

If the order contains part deliveries (e.g. the order is being partly shipped in several shipments), then multiple Invoices towards Magento will be created, each with a capture of the actual amount on that specific shipment.

Note that the first shipment in part deliveries will always have the freight and eventual invoice fee attached to it, while the rest deliveries will only contain products.



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