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Magento store administrator has to compose numerous individual coupons on a daily basis. This routine and time consuming process can be automated but Magento native functionality is not enough to accomplish this. The Coupon Code Generator extension automates this process and lets merchants provide customers with unique codes in one click.


1. Backup your web directory and store database.

 Click to view details

You can make backup copies with any tool you find appropriate

If you are going to use the native Magento backup function, navigate to System -> Tools -> Backups and perform System and Database backups

 2. Log in to the Magento backend

 3. Disable compilation

 Click to view details

Navigate to System -> Tools -> Compilation.

If Compiler status is Disabled, you can skip to the next step

If Compiler is enabled, disable it.

IMPORTANT: after the extension is installed, you can enable the compilation again; IT IS CRUCIAL that you use "Run Compilation Process" function, not just "Enable button"


Installing an extension with the Compilation enabled will result in store downtime.

 4. Flush store cache

 Click to view details

You can flush the store cache in 2 ways:

  • via the backend:

Navigate to System -> Cache Management menu, and click Flush Magento Cache button

  • via filesystem:

On your server, navigate to Magento root folder, then proceed to /var/cache/; delete all the content there.

 5. Download the extension package from your account and extract the downloaded archive

 6. Copy the content of /Step_1/ folder to your store's root directory

 7. Copy the content of /Step_2/ folder to your store's root directory

 8. Flush store cache again; log out from the backend and log in again.


General Configuration

General extension settings can be found under System > Configuration > AheadWorks extensions > Coupon Code Generator or Promotions > Coupon Code Generator > Settings.

General settings are represented by the notifications. The notifications are sent in case the customer's email is submitted in the Email filed of the Generated Coupons section. Other coupon related configuration options will be covered below in this very readme file.

  • Sender - allows defining the email notifications sender;
  • Email template - allows selecting the notification email template.

By clicking button on the left of the Email template filed store administrator is presented with the Coupon Code Generator specific email variables pop-up.

 How does the variables pop-up look like?


Email templates

The notification email templates are caught from System > Transactional Emails. One can create and edit any number of templates to be available for notifications.

Additionally Coupon Code Generator comes with a pre-defined notification email template that can be found and edited under: app/locale/en_US/template/email/aw_coupongenerator/

Email variables

The extension introduces notification email specific variable for further convenience.

var_namecustomer name
var quickCouponcoupon code
var quickCouponDiscount|formatdiscount amount (flat or percent)
var quickCouponExpirationDatecoupon expiration date


Creating new rule

 Coupon Code Generator extension introduces it's own Magento backend section Promotions > Coupon Code Generator represented by the following pages:

  • Rules;
  • Generated Coupons;
  • Settings.

New coupon rules can be added under the Rules page by clicking button.

The rule creation process is similar to creating native Magento Shopping Cart Price Rule with few exceptions.

To create new coupon rule follow these steps:

  1. In the Coupon filed dropdown select Generated Coupon Code
  2. Decide if the rule should generate coupons with particular prefix with Coupon prefix field;
  3. If required, set the coupon life time using Coupon expiration field;
  4. Fill in other required fields.

Once done with editing the rule click button.


Coupon expiration field defines for how many days the coupon will be active starting from the coupon generation date.

Coupon prefix is letter-digital only, no spaces or special symbols allowed. Coupon prefix can be edited later on. Any changes of the prefix will not affect coupons which were already generated.

All the coupon rules will be available under Generated Coupons page.




Uses per Coupon setting defines how many times ALL the coupons created with the rule can be used. The setting is RETROACTIVE.

Meaning that if Uses per Coupon setting value is changed for the rule created all the coupons generated with this very rule (before or after the change) will change the Uses per Coupon value accordingly.

Generating coupons

Coupons can be generated form the Promotions > Coupon Code Generator > Generated Coupons page.

Generated Coupons page allows managing all the coupons generated and provides a related info overview.

To generate a coupon code:

  1. Select the rule;
    1. Click the Select rule menu (refer to the screenshot on the right);
    2. In the drop down menu select coupon rule;
  2. Type in the recipient email address;
    Type in email filed is optional. If you want the coupon code to be emailed to a particular customer using the template specified previously - fill in the customer's email.
    Leave the field blank so no email notifications will be sent. When generated the coupon code will be available in the coupon table below for you to deliver it to customer by any means necessary. Please note: coupon code can only be sent to a single email address.
  3. Click Generate button.
    Once you click Generate button the coupon with required settings is created. If the recipient email address has been specified the coupon code will also be emailed to the customer.

Additionally, coupons can be generated from under the customer's account.

Coupon Code Generator extension introduces the namesake section to the customer account area of the store backend.

In this area it is possible to quickly generate and email a coupon code.


Help Desk Ultimate integration

Coupon Code Generation block can be also found at the Help Desk Ultimate 3.x ticket screen, providing Help Desk extension installed.

Coupon Code Generation block allows generating coupon codes with the coupon rules defined when replying to the customer's ticket.

  • Shopping Cart Price Rule - allows defining the rule coupon should be generated with;
  • Send coupon in a separate email - allows sending generated coupon code in a separate email with pre-defined email template.

Once help desk agent clicks button, depending on Send coupon is a separate email setting, the coupon code is either generated and displayed below the button (see screenshot attached), or sent to the customer.

 Where can I find the Coupon Generator block?



If you just need to temporary disable the extension, you can just do the steps 1-5, without deleting the files of the extension.

  • Disable compilation, in case it is enabled.
  • Login to your FTP, navigate to app/etc/modules/
  • Open the file AW_Coupongenerator and change the following line:








    Now your Magento is unaware of the existence of this module.

  • Clear the cache under var/cache
  • Make sure that the site is working properly, otherwise roll back the changes and apply to our technical support.
  • If everything works fine, it is safe to delete the files of the extension.


After the extension installation the store gives an error, or blank page, or suggests to start Magento installation procedure.

Change the owner of the extracted extension files to the web server user and set 775 permissions on them. Clear the store cache and try again.

There is no aheadWorks extensions under my configuration section, or having the extension tab clicked I get a blank page, or Access Denied error.

Clear the store cache, browser cookies, logout and login again.

I've set up everything correctly, inserted the HTML code but there is nothing on that page.

Clear the store cache, clear your browser cache and domain cookies and refresh the page.

My configuration changes do not appear on the store.

 Clear the store cache, clear your browser cache and domain cookies and refresh the page.

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