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Bulk Image Uploader

This module will allow you to mass upload images from either Dropbox or ftp/FileTransferProtocol.

  1. Download the extension package.
  2. Have a valid Dropbox account and the program installed on your local computer, or FTP account with login/password.
  3. Install the module according to the instructions from readme file (included in the package).
  4. Login to Magento Admin.
  5. Go to System/Configuration. Choose Image Import from the left menu under TROLLWEB.


Extension settings

General Settings

The general settings of the extension are located at System -> Configuration -> TrollWeb -> Image Sync backend page.


Important info


For the image to be connected to a product, the image filename must be the same as the SKU of the target product.

  • Import method: Choose either Dropbox or Local Directory
  • Dropbox image directory / Local image directory: This is the image directory in your dropbox or the path on your ftp server, where the extension will pull the image files from.

    • For Dropbox: when specifying the path to the folder, use only the text after
    • For Local Folder upload: specify the file path relative to the root folder of your Magento installation
  • Use as main image: Define whether the uploaded image will be used as the main product image.
  • Remove old images: Define whether the extension will delete the existent images (if there're any) of a product before importing the new ones. Note: this action is unrecoverable.
  • Delete files after upload: Deletes files from the local dropbox or ftp server after upload is finished
  • Rename files after upload: Adds "UPLOADED as filename prefix (These images will not be listed)
  • Enable logging: Enable/ disable logging of the extension activity
  • Dropbox Authorization: Click this button and follow the instructions below to connect to your Dropbox account.


Dropbox Authorization

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Dropbox account
  2. Click Dropbox Authorization button in the extension settings, and then follow the link from the page that opens:
  3. You will be redirected to the Dropbox site. In the dialog window, click "Allow"
  4. Copy the authorization code from the next screen
  5. Switch back to the Magento backend, paste the code into the correspondent field and click Save button.


Starting the import

A new import session is initiated each time you access Catalog -> Trollweb ImageSync backend page.



500-1000 pictures is maximum when uploading pictures. If you have several thousands of pictures, please split the image folder and upload a maximum of 1000 pictures at once.

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