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1 - Turn of Magento Cache

Prior to installing any 3rd party Magento module, make sure the Magento Cache is fully Disabled. Go to System - Cache management, select all Cache blocks and then select Disable in the upper right "Action" dropdown. Hit Save and you are done.

Remember to turn Cache back ON after the installation and setup is complete!

2 - Install the module

  1. Unzip and upload the module to the Magento root folder (i.e domains/
  2. Check that the module preferences has appeared in the Magento Admin section
  3. Configure the module as documented in the module documentation

Note that you most likely will be logged out of Magento Admin and just need to log back in again. This is normal.



The extension adds a set of new options to System -> Configuration -> Sales -> PDF Print-outs backend page.

General PDF styling options


To adjust the general printouts appearance, expand the PDF4Magento section. Here, you can specify the general PDF styling options.

You can:

  • Upload your custom logo image for the PDF printouts
  • Define Top, Right and Left Margins
  • Select the Font Family and Size (for header and body separately)
  • Enable Barcode printing

    The barcode added by the extension on the printouts encodes the ID of the order the printout relates to.
  • Enable PDF Compression
  • Define Table Border and Headline colors and cell padding
  • Swap postal code and postal address positions, display the phone number



Printouts Custom Content

The following 4 sections allow adding the desired content to the correspondent printouts:

  • System -> Configuration -> Sales -> PDF Print-outs -> Order
  • System -> Configuration -> Sales -> PDF Print-outs -> Invoice
  • System -> Configuration -> Sales -> PDF Print-outs -> Shipment
  • System -> Configuration -> Sales -> PDF Print-outs -> Credit Memo 


The set of available content items that can be included depend on the printout type, see the table below for details:


 Header HeadlineHeader TextFooter HeadlineFooter TextCustom PDF AttachmentCustom Product AttributeOrder Subtotal RowOrder Total RowOrder Item State RowProduct ThumbnailPacking Note
Invoice+++++ (2 files)++++--
Credit Memo++++-------


Picklist Printout

The Picklist is a new PDF printout type added by the extension, intended for simplifying your logistics processes.

This document can be printed directly from the Sales -> Orders grid, before any shipments are submitted.




This PDF printout is configured separately from the other PDF printouts (through System -> Configuration -> Sales -> PDF Print-outs -> Picklist)

It has a similar set of content options (Header / Footer Headline and TextProduct ThumbnailCustom Product AttributeShipment AddressOrder Details block, Order CommentNotes field).

It also has separate styling options: Custom Logo Image, Font Size, Heading Padding (bottom).


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